Dear Richard
I would just like to take this opportunity to say a Big Thank You for kindly seeing my mother, Mrs Eileen Crabb, on Tuesday.

Both my husband and I are extremely grateful to you for your highly professional conduct and care towards mum and the excellent, HONEST service you provided to her.
This shows that you acted in the best interest of the patient and not for financial gain. In this day and age this is a (sadly) rare commodity and experience.
The fact that you could be bothered to do all what you did and telephone Mr Ashworth (not once but twice) was absolutely great of you and shows to us that you are
a very caring and ethical dentist and person.

Mary, (mum’s 24 hour live in carer) was also highly impressed. She wished us to pass on her gratitude to you too for not only the way you treated mum, but also, the way you treated and spoke to her. She also said you
were very professional, unlike what she had experienced previously in the other practice.

Thank you SO MUCH Richard, you are a true professional and gentleman.

Please show this letter to Andrew Moore, as he should be made aware of what a ‘great & caring job’ you did to help us all, especially mum, who is a vulnerable, elderly lady that cannot speak for herself, and an African Carer who is often treated with little or no respect by people.

Best wishes and thanks once again.

Ann & Andrew Ashworth