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I cannot recommend the work that Dr. Richard Field did on my teeth enough! Not only did it give me the smile I have always wanted, but he did it with such ease, sensitivity and speed and at no point whatsoever did he ever compromise the top quality workmanship of which he is acclaimed. No pain, no injections, no teeth removal – no hassle, just perfect teeth, quickly and efficiently.

I didn’t have the worst teeth on the planet, but I always wanted the perfect smile; and I received it within only 3 months. Dr. Field understood my attitude for better teeth even if they were healthy and didn’t look too bad; on the first consultation, he knew the perfect flow of events for us to take: 6 weeks Inman Aligner, 6 weeks of clear retainer and whitening, and 2 sessions of cosmetic bonding and re-shaping of the teeth – and it worked perfectly. The best thing about my new smile is that it is MY old smile with MY old teeth…but just better. I didn’t want to lose the individuality you get with a smile by having completely fake teeth created and so this procedure was the best course of action for me. I have never felt so relaxed in a dentist chair before which is partly down to the Advance Dental Clinic surgery and all the staff there who are bright, chatty, friendly and cannot do enough to help, and of course it’s partly down to the skill, intelligence and support of Dr. Field – a man who always works with a smile on his face! As I have found out, it really can be that simple to change things and, as I say, I cannot emphasise how much I would recommend the work that I had done by a man who I never saw as a dentist, but more a craftsman who enjoys helping people which in turn provides complete on-the-job satisfaction for himself and his patient. Have a consultation! Honestly, you have nothing to lose and a dazzling smile to gain!