I have always been frightened of the Dentist as most of us are, I had protruding teeth which were stained badly and had tartar buildup into my gum line. I was embarrassed to smile so I plucked up the courage to take advice to see is I could have some work done to achieve a smile giving me more confidence. The consultation took place in October which I was referred to Dr Richard Field. He put me at ease immediately and advised that my own teeth could be straightened using an Inman Aligner/Removable and fixed retainer following deep cleaning with the hygienist. Teeth whitening could also be used to achieve a good smile. I was treated at each stage of the restoration with professionalism care and consideration and most important a painless experience. The restoration took approximately 7 months but worth it as the end result was amazing, thanks to Dr Richard Field and his colleagues. Kind Regards Irene PeatIMG_2627 IMG_6137