Dental Implants

Do you suffer from an unsightly gap in your teeth? Or perhaps you have an uncomfortable denture that you have never got on with? Dental implants can change all that. They are like having strong, natural teeth back. We will take x-rays to ensure that you have enough bone and that dental implants will be a suitable treatment for you.
One major advantage of an implant is that it avoids the need to drill down the teeth either side of the “gap” which would normally be necessary in preparation of a conventional bridge. The dental implant also provides a stimulus to the bone, reducing further shrinkage.
We place the implant(s) in your jaw and then leave for several months to allow it to integrate with your own bone although in some cases we can remove the tooth and fit a dental implant at a single appointment. Once this has occurred, we simply place a beautiful life-like crown on top of the dental implant and there you have it – normality back to your life.
Implants can also be used as anchors to improve the stability and retention of loose dentures. Patients find great improvements during speech and eating, increased comfort and renewed confidence.You’ll be eating crusty bread and talking with confidence in no time!

Key benefits to you:

  • Lose that uncomfortable denture
  • As strong as natural teeth
  • Eat the foods you enjoy again